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Better Bitter Banter - Episode 6
November 29, 2007 10:11 PM PST
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The Skeptics are quoted: "We have no idea what the Believers actually believed, but we hope it puts being devoured by a colony of giant mantises into a better context."

Show 6 Notes:

1.) Fire it up!!!
2.) Give it up for Mr. Fancypants in the shinny uniform.
3.) A Random Sampling of Paul's Life...leads to a startling conclusion!
4.) Tommy's Job.
5.) The case for making Christopher Robin a ward of the state.
6.) Paul Recommends.
7.) Not about kiddnapping.
8.) Outro/Shameless self-promoters.
9.) Bonus Track

Better Bitter Banter - Episode 5
November 17, 2007 10:37 AM PST
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The mountain passes prove perilous but not as menacing as the mantises multitude!

That's Right!!! Episode 5 is HERE!!!

Show 5 Notes:

1.) Intro/International Hello!
3.) Better Get To Know A Bitter Banter-er #1,
AKA Farcical Experiment in Media Abstraction (FEMA)
4.) Opportunistic
5.) *Deleted Scene: Clowns
6.) Outro

Better Bitter Banter - Episode 4
November 06, 2007 10:52 PM PST
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Show # 4 Notes:

The survivors divide into two groups, the believers trek to the lair of the mantises, while the skeptics seek out the eagles in the mountains.

Segment titles:
1.) How's the podcast going? Lemme tell ya. What's that song with the audio from that movie where the guy is, like, the last guy in the world and he's just, just now getting to, uh, you know, know about it and he's all yelling: "Hello?" with all this great echo effect on his voice? You could say that our podcast is like that. Really? You don't know what I'm talking about? How have you not heard of this? Well, in my mind its all bad casio techno like in all those uh...damn...who's that guy...? You know, that WAY better than B list director who made all those B list horror movies that rule the 80's but have that terrible synth music sound (the guy's, like, the composer toooooo...this might just be one guy, now that I'm thinking it through...but)...I think the song is on the soundtrack for that movie. Anyway, you should check it out.
2.) Hey, segment 1...that's a great idea for a movie.
3.) Political Segment #1: If not oxygen then how about pizza?
4.) Musical Segment: Shhhhh...don't get upset. See that cloud?
5.) Random Sampling: Paul's Purchases.
6.) Paul's Apartment is Wack: Design Toscano
7.) http://www.archive.org/details/1960_kennedy-nixon_1
8.) Experimental Informative Segment Take 2

Better Bitter Banter - Episode 3
November 02, 2007 01:56 PM PDT
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The village burns, yes, so where or to whom can we turn?
Certainly the Mantises will save us!

Show # 3 Notes:

1.) Fun time Simple Wooden Stick Type Toys Fer Praying Slip'in Slide Water Racin' Frickin' Mantis On Meh Front Steps!!!
2.) How many degrees from Kevin Bacon are lil' Tom and Paul?
3.) A Random Sampling of Paul's Life: Books.
4.) Quiz Time: Some Leland guy.
5.) My cat is a vampire, or, what happens when Paul leaves Tommy alone while on the internet.
6.) Experimental informative segment.

Better Bitter Banter - Episode 2
November 02, 2007 01:52 PM PDT
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Episode 2 is here!

What will the villagers do, now that their champion is defeated?

1. Mom! C'mon!
2. Ha! Construction does suck, guys!
3. Real News: The Cosby Implication.
4. Fake news: Bathroom Fans.
5. Toscano, Design Toscano

Better Bitter Banter - Episode 1
November 02, 2007 01:49 PM PDT
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The First Episode is here! Who do we have to sacrifice to get some attention over here?

1. Best First Minute Ever
2. Bad Cell Phones
3. Tickle Torture In the Political Holo-deck
4. The Fallacious Fantasy Football Frontier
5. Ron Paul v. Repubs v. Dems v. Christians v. Kennedys v. Libertarians v. Regan v Bush 1 v Clinton and the Winner is A Clam Chowder Joke.
6. Tommy v. Crispin
7. A Random Sampling of Paul's House.
8. The Careless Fairy